Phil Lord Christopher Miller

The Five Best Films Phil Lord and Chris Miller Never Made


With their ‘Lego Movie’ sequel headed to theaters this weekend, we look back at some of the near misses of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s filmmaking career.

Solo A Star Wars Story

VFX Supervisor Patrick Tubach on Designing the Creatures and Worlds of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’


We’ve all wondered what the Kessel Run would look like, but Patrick Tubach finally brought it into a reality.

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‘Saul’ and ‘Solo’: How to Deliver What No One Asked For


Two prequels show us the origins of something we didn’t need the backstory on. One of them does it right.

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Warwick Davis on Returning to the Galaxy Far, Far Away


We chat with the actor about his surprise reunion with director Ron Howard on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’

Paramount Pictures

How ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ Did ‘Solo’ Better


One film revealed the origins of an iconic Harrison Ford character brilliantly, and it wasn’t Solo.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

‘Star Wars’ Isn’t Going Away


A disappointing Solo outing does not mean the end for Disney’s elaborate Star Wars plans.

Solo Production

The Fault in Our ‘Star Wars’


What does the response to ‘Solo’ say about how we engage with tentpole movies?

Solo Ew Han Edfc

How ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Makes the Galaxy Smaller


The latest ‘Star Wars’ movie turns the iconic franchise into a pile of required reading.


‘Solo’ Just Made ‘The Force Awakens’ A Whole Lot Creepier


Doesn’t Qi’ra remind you of someone?