Sidney Lumet

Network Monologue

The Ballad of Howard Beale: Why We Keep Misreading ‘Network’


“Good morning, Mr. Beale. They tell me you’re a madman.”

Joker At Live With Murray Franklin

Watch ‘Joker,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend nine movies to watch after you see the new DC villain origin story.

Sidney Lumet's Network

The Method of Sidney Lumet’s ‘Network’


With ‘Network’ on Broadway with Bryan Cranston, in 2018, we looked at what made Sidney Lumet’s original film a masterclass in acting.

Moonrise Centered

The Enhancing Nature of the Lens Plot


Watch this video essay about a cinematography technique that draws viewers deeper into the story.

John Cazale Dog Day Afternoon

John Cazale’s Unparalleled Cinematic Legacy


The character actor only appeared in 5 movies before his death at age 42, but every single one was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

No Featured Image

The Great Directors Who Went To The Extreme


An exploration of the ethics behind extreme filmmaking tactics.

Angry Men Knife

The Perfect Crime: The Dynamic Staging of ’12 Angry Men’


OR how to make a stage-play movie that isn’t static.