Shane Black

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What’s Next for Shane Black


With ‘The Predator’ done and dusted and other projects in the pipeline, he has some interesting options to pursue.

Final Predator Trailer

‘The Predator’ Unleashes Its Best Trailer Yet


Everything potentially cool about the movie crammed into two minutes and fourteen seconds.

The Nice Guys Gosling Crowe

Shane Black Wants Everyone to Know He’s More than Ready for a ‘Nice Guys’ Sequel


Unfortunately, financial concerns may keep Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe from returning to their buddy-cop roles.

Screen Shot At Am

‘The Predator’ Trailer is Packed with Mandible Money Shots


Fox is determined to deliver on the body count for their second look at Shane Black’s sequel.

The Nice Guys

Finding Comedy in Violence With Shane Black


How do you make murder hilarious?

Predator Shot

‘The Predator’ Trailer Breakdown


Shane Black finds a new hunting ground for our favorite ugly motherf**ker.

Wolfmans Got Nards

‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’ and the Resurgence of the ‘Monster Squad’ Fandom


We chat with AndrĂ© Gower and Henry McComas about celebrating the fan community that’s kept ‘The Monster Squad’ thriving 30 years after its release.

Iron Man Tony And Mark

‘Iron Man 3’ Illustrates How Subtlety Has Had Its Day in the MCU


Shane Black and the Marvel think-tank ready another lesson, blah, blah, blah. Movie magic, luv.

The Predator

‘The Predator’ and ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Dropped From Summer Release