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Will I Am Legend Get a Prequel or a Sequel? And Do You Care?


So many questions. So we’ll have to make up answers.

Michael Moore to Make Fahrenheit 9/12?


That rumbling from the foothills you heard this morning was Michael Moore heading to a press conference where he announced that he’ll be helming a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11 – his 2004 documentary.

Descent Heads Back Into the Cave


I’ll admit that the girlish (yet manly) scream you heard when Descent hit theaters was probably me. I had the pleasure of seeing it at Butt-Numb-a-Thon 7 in the company of the ideal movie-going audience, and even they were surprised by how high-pitched I could be.

Transformers To Feature Feature Crystals and New Age Healing


Transformers 2 is shooting in Sedona, Arizona… otherwise known as the land of crystal healing, UFOs, and it’s a New Age mecca. Oh, and they have some pretty awesome scenery, to boot.

Reeves Not Interested in a Second ‘Constantine’


The whispers of a sequel have been floating around, fueled by director Francis Lawrence claiming in an interview that a second Constantine might be an origin story or a continuation. But Keanu has something different to say.

Do We Really Need Fewer Sequels in ’08?


It looks like 2008 may be the year when Hollywood finally gives audiences what they’ve been asking for: fewer sequels.