Sean Baker

Red Rocket

‘Red Rocket’ Brings Small-Town Texas to Cannes in Character Triumph


Sean Baker is back with new discoveries.

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Watch ‘It: Chapter Two,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend eight movies starring James Ransone to watch after you see him in the new horror sequel.

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How ‘The Florida Project’ Gives Harsh Reality the Fairy Tale Treatment


When you think about it, it’s an ugly story—but damn, is it a beautiful film.

Summer 1993

Twin Films: ‘The Florida Project’ and ‘Summer 1993’


Exploring the remarkable similarities and revealing differences between these two recent additions to cinema’s treasure chest.

Heaven Knows What Arielle Holmes

9 Great Performances by First-Time Actors


“Cinema is a mirror of reality and it is a filter.”

Florida Project Rainbow

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child: How Color is Used in ‘The Florida Project’


The movie’s vibrant cinematography gifts us the sunny outlook of a child.

No Featured Image

‘The Florida Project’ Review: Sean Baker Reclaims Hollywood’s Typical Childhood Narrative


Filmmaker Sean Baker has replaced the nostalgia of white picket fences with the carparks of Orlando.