Sean Baker

Sean Baker Color Theory

A Tangerine Dream: Colors in the Films of Sean Baker


Pretty cool when they make movies in color, huh?

Tangerine digital cinema

‘Tangerine,’ Realism, and the Double Logic of Digital Cinema


Does digital cinema mean green screens and fully-CGI characters? Or realistic shaky-cam and more accessible filmmaking? (The answer is yes, and yes).

Red Rocket

‘Red Rocket’ Brings Small-Town Texas to Cannes in Character Triumph


Sean Baker is back with new discoveries.

It Chapter Two Eddie Poster

Watch ‘It: Chapter Two,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend eight movies starring James Ransone to watch after you see him in the new horror sequel.

Mvbzdhjntcogetyzdkocoduwltgzmzytzweyzbmzdyxzjuxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndgmjuxnjm V Sx Cr,,, Al

How ‘The Florida Project’ Gives Harsh Reality the Fairy Tale Treatment


When you think about it, it’s an ugly story—but damn, is it a beautiful film.

Summer 1993

Twin Films: ‘The Florida Project’ and ‘Summer 1993’


Exploring the remarkable similarities and revealing differences between these two recent additions to cinema’s treasure chest.

Heaven Knows What Arielle Holmes

9 Great Performances by First-Time Actors


“Cinema is a mirror of reality and it is a filter.”

Florida Project Rainbow

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child: How Color is Used in ‘The Florida Project’


The movie’s vibrant cinematography gifts us the sunny outlook of a child.

No Featured Image

‘The Florida Project’ Review: Sean Baker Reclaims Hollywood’s Typical Childhood Narrative


Filmmaker Sean Baker has replaced the nostalgia of white picket fences with the carparks of Orlando.