Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins in Avengement

42 Things We Learned from Scott Adkins’ ‘Avengement’ Commentary


“If I don’t have loads of fake blood on my face, something doesn’t feel right.”


‘Avengement’ Review: Small-Scale Action Done So Damn Right


Scott Adkins walks into a bar, and all hell breaks loose.

Tripple Threat

‘Triple Threat’ Review: Action Stars Double Down on One Killer Third Act


It takes its sweet damn time getting there, but once the fists start flying you’re reminded why these guys are among the best of the best.

American Assassin Scott Adkins

Action-Hero Scott Adkins Talks ‘American Assassin’ and the Bad-Ass Charisma of Bruce Lee


Scott Adkins transformed his passion for 80s action entertainment into a lifelong pursuit for authentic cinematic adventures.