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Alien Nation

Jeff Nichols is Still Living in an ‘Alien Nation’


After two years banging away on the script, the ‘Midnight Special’ director is determined to deliver an “epic” remake.


What Recent Science Fiction Movies Are Telling Us About The Future


Sci-fi has always been about looking into our future, but what happens when our future look less-and-less like we predicted?

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Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan Are In Over Their Heads In ‘Synchronic’


The actors will star in a drug-fueled sci-fi thriller from ‘The Endless’ directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

La Jetee

10 Essential Arthouse Sci-Fi Films


An exploration of some of sci-fi’s most enigmatic, riveting films.

Nine Lives Paperback

‘Nine Lives’ Marks a Rare Ursula K. Le Guin Adaptation


From the author who frequently denied Hollywood comes a moon-based sci-fi cloning comedy. Yeah, another one.


Luke Sparke on Delivering the Blockbuster Devastation of ‘Occupation’ Through Low-Budget Means


We chat with the Australian filmmaker about translating his wild imagination into manageable sci-fi terrors.

Best Scifi Movies Mid

The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2018 So Far


We list the 10 greatest speculative fiction films from the first half of the year, ranked.

It Came From Outer Space

The Ultimate Other: The Prescient Fears in ‘It Came From Outer Space’


Bradbury’s metaphoric paranoias are timely reminders of how far we haven’t come.


John Ridley’s ‘Needle in a Timestack’ is a Sci-Fi Adventure We’ve Been Waiting For


With a diverse, all-star cast and director, the adaptation will address sci-fi’s tendency to be “stale, male, and pale.”