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Watch Netflix’s ‘Hollywood,’ Then Watch These Classic Movies


We recommend 12 movies to watch after you see Ryan Murphy’s Old Hollywood fantasy.


American Horror Story’s First Season Will Always Be Its Best


As new seasons continue to get worse, they make us realize just how lucky we were to get the first season of ‘American Horror Story’.

Jessica Lang As Constance Langdon

‘American Horror Story’ Returns to Its Roots With ‘Apocalypse’


Ryan Murphy has announced the return of Jessica Lange, Gabourey Sibide, and White Witch Stevie Nicks.

Ryan Murphy At Paleyfest

Ryan Murphy Looks to #MeToo for His Next Series


The ‘American Horror Story’ creator wants to do a ‘Black Mirror’-style anthology about Hollywood predation.

American Crime Story

The Overdramatic Camerawork in ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’


What is the effect of gaudy cinematography on a true story of murder and madness?

American Horror Story Cult

Ryan Murphy Signs With Netflix For the Biggest TV Deal Ever


The ‘American Horror Story’ creator plans to continue to champion women, minorities, and LGBTQ in new streaming series.

Andrew Hallway Re

‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ Delivers an American Psycho Story of Varying Quality


The second season of Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Crime Story’ anthology series is not what it seems

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Ryan Murphy’s Next Show is Making History with its Transgender Cast


‘Pose’ will feature the largest cast of transgender actors ever for a series of its kind.