Russell Crowe

The Exorcism

‘The Exorcism’ Is a Bumpy Ride That Doesn’t Quite Have Faith In Itself


Russell Crowe versus the devil, and not a Vespa in sight.

Russell Crowe In Unhinged

Russell Crowe and ‘Hamilton’ Will Compete for The Fourth of July Audience


Meanwhile, there’s a rumor that Amazon is looking to buy AMC Theatres.

Russell Crowe In Gladiator

The Legacy of ‘Gladiator’


Have you not been entertained? Here’s a look at the effects of the success of Ridley Scott’s Best Picture winner ‘Gladiator’ 20 years on.

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Russell Crowe Will Play Roger Ailes in New Showtime Series


As is the case of all contentious biographical dramas, a series about Fox New’s founding CEO cannot simply operate as a vanity project.