Best Romantic Movies

The 50 Best Romantic Movies Ever


We do work that we love, assembling a list of the best movies that are also romantic or whatever.

Tom Summer Ending

‘(500) Days of Summer’ and 10 Years of Reflection


The indie rom-com made waves at Sundance in 2009, but does it hold up?

Crazy Rich Asians Romance

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and the State of Movie Romance


Hollywood forgot about romance for a little while—but that doesn’t mean everybody else did.

Obvious Child Breakup

Movies to Watch at Any Stage of a Breakup


Cry, laugh, and find new love all with these movies after even the nastiest of breakups.

fanfiction tropes Star Trek

9 More Fanfic Tropes We Want to See On Screen


‘Set It Up,’ ‘Love, Simon,’ and other favorites from this year have all adapted popular fanfiction plots. But why stop there?

Y Tu Mama Tambien

12 Ways to Solve a Love Triangle


A beginner’s guide to romantic geometry.

Tab Hunter Anthony Perkins

Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins’s Love Story Will Light Up the Big Screen


J. J. Abrams and Zachary Quinto will make a hidden romance between two erstwhile Hollywood icons come alive.

Carrie Harry Sally

The Unsung Heroes of Romantic Comedies


The genre’s supporting characters consistently steal the show.

Call Me By Your Name / Before Sunrise

Comparing ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Call Me By Your Name’


How do these “dreamlike romances” use escapism to heighten our emotional investment?