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Real Stories is an ongoing series about the true stories behind movies and TV shows. It’s that simple.

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Cyrano Movie

The Real Story Behind ‘Cyrano’


A look at the man known for his big nose and even bigger guts.

A Journal For Jordan true story

The Real Story Behind ‘A Journal for Jordan’


Michael B. Jordan stars in the movie as 1st Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a war hero who left behind a journal full of advice for his son.


The Real Story Behind ‘Casablanca’


While the plot of this iconic movie is not based on a true story, the premise is backgrounded in real events of the time.

Don't Look Up

The Unsettling Realities Behind Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’


And a look at that asteroid heading for Earth right now (seriously).

American Underdog: The Kurt Warner True Story

The Real Story Behind ‘American Underdog’


The biopic stars Zachary Levy as NFL MVP Kurt Warner.

Casino Royale Torture Scene

The Real Stories That Inspired ‘Casino Royale’


A brutal torture method, a double agent, and a failed assassination. Those are some of the true stories that inspired the events of ‘Casino Royale,’ the story that launched the James Bond Franchise.

The Tender Bar Ben Affleck

The Real Story Behind ‘The Tender Bar’


George Clooney’s latest movie depicts the true story of a boy finding a group of surrogate fathers at his uncle’s watering hole.


The Real Story Behind ‘Scream’


Who was the “Gainesville Ripper,” and how did he inspire Wes Craven’s horror movie?

King Richard Will Smith

The Real Story Behind ‘King Richard’


We break down the true story of the man who raised and coached Venus and Serena Williams.