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Real Stories is an ongoing series about the true stories behind movies and TV shows. It’s that simple.

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The Real Story Behind ‘Hereditary’


Let’s take a look at the occult history that inspired Ari Aster’s terrifying debut feature.

Space Force

The Real Story Behind ‘Space Force’


Let’s explore the crazy government program that inspired the new Netflix series.

Scorsese Header Shutterstock

The Disturbing True Story Behind Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’


The director’s next adaptation will chronicle one of America’s worst unsolved criminal conspiracies.

The Hunt

The History That Inspired Movies About Humans Hunting Humans


Movies like ‘The Hunt’ have been churned out regularly since 1932’s ‘The Most Dangerous Game,’ but their concepts aren’t entirely far-fetched.

Over The Top

The Real Story Behind ‘1917’


Learn all about the history that inspired Sam Mendes’ World War I film.

King Leopold Header

‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ Will Chronicle One of the Worst Mass Murderers in History


Ben Affleck is set to direct a drama about a holocaust that’s rarely discussed.

The Crown

The Real Stories Behind ‘The Crown’ Season 3


Learn the real history behind the Netflix series.

Freddy Krueger

The Death Epidemic That Birthed Freddy Krueger


The inspiration behind one of cinema’s scariest villains is a true horror story.

The Irishman

The Real Story Behind ‘The Irishman’


Martin Scorsese’s latest gangster epic chronicles the life of Frank Sheeran, the army veteran who became an assassin for the mob.