Ralph Breaks the Internet


Jodi Benson on the 30th Anniversary of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and The Chances of a Disney Princesses Movie


The iconic voice of Ariel discusses the ongoing legacy of the movie and her character as well as the inevitable live-action remake.

Mirai Watch

‘Mirai’ and ‘Tito and the Birds’ Are Must-See Underdogs in Best Animated Feature Race


These new foreign animation releases may not have a shot against category dominator Disney, but hopefully they’ll be given a chance.

Ralph Breaks Internet

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Has High Score at the Box Office


‘Ralph’ didn’t break box office records, but with ‘Creed II’ also a hit, this was a good weekend for sequels.

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse

Can Spider-Man Save the Year in Animation?


There could be a superhero showdown at the Oscars, but only one of the contenders seems worthy.