Rainer Werner Fassbinder

The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Subversion of German Expressionism in ‘The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant’


The 1971 masterpiece explores the complicated history of German cinema.

World On A Wire Header

Fassbinder’s World on a Wire Deserves More Recognition in the Sci-Fi Canon


An examination of Fassbinder’s enigmatic, mind-bending sci-fi opus, World on a Wire.

New German Cinema The American Friend

A Beginner’s Guide to New German Cinema


Darby Delaney presents an overview of one of film’s most riveting movements.

Eight Hours Don't Make A Day Fassbinder

Why ‘Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day’ is Fassbinder’s True Piece de Resistance


This miniseries may be the most remarkable title in the German enfant terrible’s oeuvre.