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Brett Jutkiewicz Scream 6

How ‘Scream 6’ Broke Away from the Franchise’s Visual Tradition


We chat with cinematographer¬†Brett Jutkiewicz¬†about ‘Scream 6,’ transforming Montreal into New York City, and why spherical lenses were the only way to go.

Daisy Ridley As Rey

Daisy Ridley May Have Found Her Next Film Franchise


The ‘Star Wars’ actress will star in a mystery from the makers of ‘Ready or Not,’ and it’s got sequel potential.

Ready Or Not in-laws

31 Things We Learned from the ‘Ready or Not’ Commentary


“Oh, and we blew up the kids.”

Ready Or Not

9 Perfect Shots with ‘Ready or Not’ Filmmakers Radio Silence


The filmmakers behind ‘Ready or Not’ — one of the year’s most entertaining movies — share some of their favorite shots from the films that inspired them most.