Production Design

Badlands Terrence Malick Sky

Style is Substance in ‘Badlands’


An exploration of how the visuals of Terrence Malick’s debut paint the dream world Kit and Holly are chasing.

Black Panther

Drawing the Differences Between Art Directors and Production Designers


Designing the world of a film is no easy task. How do these two roles help execute it?


‘Aladdin’ Production Designer Gemma Jackson on How She Erected Agrabah in England


We chat with Gemma Jackson about constructing a whole new world from the ground up.

Hulu The Body

Digging Into the Eerie Production Design of ‘The Body’ on Hulu


A fascinating look into the visual storytelling in the premiere episode of Hulu’s brand new series ‘Into the Dark’

Last Jedi Concept Art Craite

Beautiful Concept Art for ‘The Last Jedi’ Reveals Luscious Worlds


Craite and Ahch-To may be up in smoke but they still look stunning.

Nancy Meyers House

Why Are Rom-Coms Filled With Impossibly Gorgeous Homes?


Has domestic comfort become the ultimate cinematic fantasy for modern audiences?