Oscars Final

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Final Ballot


We’ve done the analysis, now it’s time to make our final Oscar 2019 predictions.

Oscars Picture Director

2019 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture and Best Director


Will one film sweep Oscar night’s two biggest categories, or will they split? We break it down.

Oscars Other Best Pictures

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Other Best Pictures


We call them The Other Best Pictures out of respect.

Oscars Writing

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Writing Awards


The screenplay awards — adapted and original — are going to be very interesting in 2019.

Oscars Acting

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Acting Awards


We explore that transformations and tribulations of Oscar 2019’s acting categories.

Oscars Sound Song

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Sound and Song Awards


These Oscar categories will never sneak up on you. You’d hear them coming.

Oscars Technical

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Technical Awards


These Oscar categories are for the real heroes. But this year, a villain is almost certainly winning one.

Oscar Predictions Final

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Final Ballot


We predict Sunday night’s winners with what we hope will be stunning accuracy.