Pedro Pascal

Mandalorian Season 1 Moff Gideon

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter Eight


For fans of tangential ‘Star Wars’ content, the final episode delivered a delicious slice from the canon.

The Mandalorian Kuill Baby Yoda

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter Seven


Baby Yoda presents a great danger to the New Republic, as well as the storytellers who wield him.

The Mandalorian Chapter 6

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter Six


The only prisoners we see are the audience trapped in an episodic stall, and deprived of our much-beloved baby Yoda.

Mando Screenshot

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter Five


You can’t go home again unless you’re ‘Star Wars,’ then you can go home again over and over and over and over again.

Mandalorian chapter four

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter Four


Two and a half Samurai are better than none.

The Mandalorian Chapter Two

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter Two


The second episode doesn’t just deliver a child but a deadly cub.

The Mandalorian Explained

‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: What Is The Bounty?


Warm or cold, this climactic captive will set the ‘Star Wars’ Universe ablaze.

Jack Reacher

Werner Herzog is Now Part of ‘Star Wars’


The iconic filmmaker will break up the harmony of the universe by co-starring in ‘The Mandalorian.’

The Mandalorian Excitement

Pedro Pascal to Lead ‘Star Wars’ Series ‘The Mandalorian’


The ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Narcos’ actor will play a space cowboy in Disney’s streaming spinoff.