Pedro Almodóvar

Penelope Cruz in Parallel Mothers

Almodóvar’s ‘Parallel Mothers’ is an Emotional Rollercoaster of Maternity


Who we love and why we love them is as much a product of bloodline as it is of circumstance, of conditioning, of initial connection

Pedro Almodovar Centered Cinematography

The Center-Framed Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar


Arguably one of the most visually identifiable directors working today, here’s a quick celebration of the center frames of Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar

High Heels Pedro Almodovar Sound Design

The Sumptuous Sound Design of Pedro Almodóvar


Here’s a look at how Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar uses sound design to construct vibrant, tactile worlds.

Pedro Almodovar design

The Total Design of Pedro Almodóvar


Almodóvar is anything but subtle. And that’s a good thing.

Joker Standup

‘Joker’ Box Office: Laughing All the Way to the Record Books


Warner Bros. has a reason to put on a happy face.

Pain and Glory

‘Pain and Glory’ Review: A Tender Portrait of Hurt and Heart in Almodóvar’s Latest


Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Pain and Glory’ is an intensely personal and sensuous return to form.

The Skin I Live In

‘The Skin I Live In’ Will Get Under Yours