Paul Verhoeven

Flesh + Blood

34 Things We Learned from Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Flesh & Blood’ Commentary


“They felt the violence that I display in this movie was too much for a normal audience.”


‘Benedetta’ Takes a Brutal but Accurate Angle on Christian History


Paul Verhoeven’s lifelong research on the Church culminates in a marvelously incisive nun thriller.

Basic Instinct

13 Movies to Watch if You Like Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Basic Instinct’


A.k.a. “movies where people get off before they got offed.”

Showgirls Double Take

Double Take: ‘Showgirls’ at 25 and the Unlikely Legacy of Nomi Malone 

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One of the worst films of all time? We think not! For the film’s 25th anniversary, here’s our re-appraisal of ‘Showgirls.’

Hollow Man

What Critics Said About ‘Hollow Man’


Were the dazzling state-of-the-art special effects of ‘Hollow Man’ enough to win over the hearts of critics?

No Featured Image

Time Directive: Why The ‘Robocop’ Remake Was Three Years Too Early


An attempt to make the ‘Robocop’ remake work.

Total Recall

24 Things We Learned from Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Total Recall’ Commentary


Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger might not have the chemistry of a Carpenter/Russell, but this is still a very good commentary.