Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman Melodrama

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and the Melodrama of the Gods


The sequel wants nothing to do with a recognizable reality. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are here to clash with titans.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Champions Humanity and Excess to Its Detriment


It’s always sad when the highlight of a female-led film is the two male supporting characters.

Wonder Woman Jet Shot

Shot by Shot with the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer


We pick apart a few of the best shots from the latest trailer and ascertain what threat the demigod faces in the sequel.

Patty Jenkins I Am The Night

Patty Jenkins’ 10-Year Journey to Bring ‘I Am the Night’ To Life


The director of Wonder Woman has a new mini-series that might solve the great Black Dahlia mystery.

Chris Pine

Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine Keep the Dream Team Alive and Well with ‘I Am The Night’


TNT’s new limited crime series hailing from director Patty Jenkins and creator Sam Sheridan spells doom from the start.

Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Suggests An Ode to George Orwell


We’re all thinking it: dystopian Wonder Woman.

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The Best Filmmaking Tips of 2017


Directors of some of the most successful movies of the year share some great advice.

Matthew Jensen

‘Wonder Woman’ DP Matthew Jensen: A Student of the Origin Story


We speak with Matthew Jensen about his own hero’s journey, how his work on The L Word prepared him for Wonder Woman’s shooting schedule, and what an Oscar nod would mean to him.

Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman’ Is Important, Even If You Liked ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ More


Summer 2017 was filled with big, fun superhero movies. But ‘Wonder Woman’ was undoubtedly its most important one.