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Oscars Fix Hosting

The Catch-22 of Oscars Hosting


Why is the MVP of the year’s biggest celebration of the entertainment industry always such a bore? (When they exist, that is.)

Oscars Alternative Universe

Field Notes from a Universe Where the Oscars are Fun


A report from a parallel universe where the Oscars are actually entertaining.

Oscars Fix Speeches

The Rules of Great Oscar Speeches


We offer some guidelines to ensure enjoyable and genuine speeches.

Eighth Grade

A Big WGA Win for ‘Eighth Grade’ and What It Says About The Oscars


With Bo Burnham’s Writer’s Guild Awards win for ‘Eighth Grade,’ the Oscars writing category seems to be further from relevance than ever.

Oscars Art

The 2019 Oscars Drama Is A Little Bit of History Repeating


The dramatic Oscar season of 1953 is repeating itself.

Richard E Grant

Richard E. Grant: The Savior of Awards Season


In the tense months of awards season, Richard E. Grant has reveled every minute with unadulterated joy.

Weisz Blood

The Cinematography of ‘The Favourite’


Oscar-nominated DP Robbie Ryan walks us through some of the film’s perfect shots and tells us about the cinematic image that inspires him the most.

Lego Movie

‘LEGO Movie 2’ Fails to Stack Up


Everything’s not awesome for the ‘LEGO Movie’ franchise as the new sequel performed way below expectations.

Live Action Shorts

The 2019 Oscar-Nominated Live Action Shorts Reviewed and Ranked


Short-form Academy Award nominees hit theaters this week and VOD later this month. Find out if they’re worth your money.