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Guy Ritchie never made

The Five Best Films Guy Ritchie Never Made


From ‘The Dirty Dozen’ to ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 2,’ we talk about some of the best movies of Guy Ritchie’s career that never quite got made.

Robert Rodriguez Alita Battle Angel

The Five Best Films Robert Rodriguez Never Made


From ‘Escape From New York’ to ‘Jonny Quest,’ here are some of the bigger studio films that Robert Rodriguez almost tackled.

Phil Lord Christopher Miller

The Five Best Films Phil Lord and Chris Miller Never Made


With their ‘Lego Movie’ sequel headed to theaters this weekend, we look back at some of the near misses of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s filmmaking career.

Catherine Hardwicke Miss Bala

The Five Best Films Catherine Hardwicke Never Made


To celebrate her new film, ‘Miss Bala,’ we look back at some of the biggest (and smallest) projects director Catherine Hardwicke couldn’t quite get off the ground.

Star Trek Beyond Cast

The Five Best Films Joe Cornish Never Made


In our new series, we look back at some of the blockbuster films Joe Cornish almost directed after his breakout hit ‘Attack the Block.’