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Partner Track Review Arden Cho

Romance Fiends Won’t Object to New Legal Series ‘Partner Track’


Georgia Lee’s ‘Partner Track’ favors romance over the law, for better or worse.

Partner Track Explained

The Ending of ‘Partner Track’ Explained


Netflix’s ‘Partner Track’ ends with a shocking discovery: one that could make for a tumultuous second season.

Day Shift Explained

The Ending of ‘Day Shift’ Explained


At the end of ‘Day Shift,’ a surprising final shot teases at a sequel.

Jamie Foxx in Day Shift

‘Day Shift’ Delivers a Blast of Bloody Vampire Fun


The best thing about Los Angeles? All the damn vampires.


The Ending of ‘Carter’ Explained


Korean action thriller Carter wraps up nicely at the end – until the final shot, that is.

Joo Won in Carter

‘Carter’ Finds an Enormous Divide Between Ambition and Execution


And you thought you’d seen the worst of what a Netflix Original action movie could deliver.

The Sandman Season Review

‘The Sandman’ is a Comic Book Dream Finally Fulfilled


Netflix’s take on Neil Gaiman’s epic fantasy about fallen lord Dream of the Endless has finally arrived, with an entertaining adaptation that doesn’t sacrifice the vision of the original.

New on Netflix August 2022

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for August 2022


Lots to look forward to this month including new Korean action, new vampire action, and a new season of ‘Never Have I Ever!’

The Gray Man

‘The Gray Man’ is a Forgettable Good Time, and Sometimes That’s More Than Enough


Of course the evil, mustachioed Chris Evans steals the movie.