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Naomi Scott Aladdin

How Naomi Scott Smartens Up the Blockbuster


The ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star is the kind of earnest lead Hollywood needs more of.

Aladdin Jasmine Naomi Scott

‘Aladdin’ Gives Princess Jasmine Her Due


Disney’s latest live-action remake opens up a whole new world for its female lead, one that follows the new standard set by ‘Frozen’ and ‘Moana.’


‘Aladdin’ Trailer Breakdown: A Slightly New World


There are merits to a faithful adaptation, but will this Disney remake go too far to assuage our nostalgia?

Elizabeth Harvest

Creating a House of Horrors with ‘Elizabeth Harvest’ Director Sebastian Gutierrez


With¬†Elizabeth Harvest, be prepared to enter director¬†Sebastian Gutierrez’s house of horrors.