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Wandavision Episode 3 Now In Color

‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 Reveals a Gang of Outside Invaders


The sillier this series becomes, the darker the reality appears.

Wandavision Premiere

Classic MCU Villainy Lurks Beneath the ‘WandaVision’ Premiere


We investigate the first two episodes to uncover their dark connections to comic books and the early phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wandavision Review

‘WandaVision’ Withholds Answers, but Delights in Its Pleasure-Delaying.


We review the first few episodes of Marvel’s first Disney+ series and find a lot of pain mixed in with its nostalgic bliss.

Wandavision Comic Reading List

Understand the Sorrow at the Heart of ‘WandaVision’ With These Comics


We explore the heartbreaking romance between The Vision and Scarlet Witch through these seven key Marvel comics.

Scorsese Header Shutterstock

Martin Scorsese Had The Hottest Take of 2019


What can be learned about fan reaction from the famed director dunking on Marvel?

Feel Good Pop Culture Moments

The Feel-Good Pop Culture Moments of 2019


The real world experienced its fair share of doom and gloom, but pop culture made us smile at times.

Decade Trailers

The 50 Best Movie Trailers of the Decade


Sometimes trailers are the best part of a movie. These 50 particular trailers were some of the best parts of the decade.

Black Panther T'challa Killmonger Challenge

Why Marvel Heroes Always Fight Villains with the Same Powers


Duality is an important element to story structure.


The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Multiverse Madness


The future is scary.