Martin Scorsese



Kundun: Scorsese’s Buried Masterpiece


Twenty years ago, Martin Scorsese’s Kundun, a biopic of the Dalai Lama, was released and then swiftly buried. We dig it up.

Martin Scorsese Directing Silence

Martin Scorsese is Working on a Julius Caesar TV Series


‘The Caesars’ is a passion project for the ‘Goodfellas’ director.  

Goodfellas voice-over Ray Liotta Robert De Niro X

How Martin Scorsese Perfected the Voice-Over


No other director can pull off the technique quite like he can.

Hugo Article

A Clockwork Christmas: ‘Hugo’ Ain’t Your Average Xmas Flick


Our purpose is more than maintaining the machinery of our lives. Christmas compels us to remember that we need real, human connections. We look at how Hugo offers that Christmas feeling.

Robert De Niro

Cut Me: The Surgical Editing of ‘Raging Bull’


Scorsese’s boxing epic owes it all to the edit.

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How a Teddy Roosevelt Biopic Could Help DiCaprio Save the Planet


The actor will be donning a mustache and spectacles for the presidential role.

Joker Laugh Killing Joke

Warner Bros. is Making a Joker Movie That We Did Not See Coming


It involves Todd Phillips, Martin Scorsese, a new setting, and not Jared Leto.

Landline Still

Is the Dream of the ’90s Alive Again?


How do the ’90s rank as a cinematic setting for our hangout fantasies?

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are: Authentic Terror in Both Versions of ‘Cape Fear’


You leave the movie but the movie never leaves you.