Martin Scorsese


HH Holmes

The Horrific Events That Inspired Martin Scorsese’s Upcoming Serial Killer Show


‘The Devil In the White City’ will tell the story of the notorious H.H. Holmes and his Murder Castle.

Scorsese and DiCaprio: The Real Story Behind The Wager

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Move Ahead With ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’


This will mark the director and actor’s sixth feature together.

Dog Day Afternoon

10 Essential Grimy and Sleazy New York Movies of the 1970s


An exploration of ’70s cinema’s most serious, riveting films.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

12 Ways to Solve a Love Triangle


A beginner’s guide to romantic geometry.

Mean Streets Martin Scorsese Soundtracks

How Martin Scorsese Perfected the Movie Soundtrack


An exploration of Martin Scorsese’s most ingenious soundtracks, from ‘Mean Streets’ to ‘After Hours.’

Fan Jonathangroff Mindhunter

A True Crime Junkie’s Guide to Upcoming Movie and TV Projects


From Netflix to Tarantino, there’s a lot on the horizon to satisfy your true crime cravings.

A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper Will Direct and Star in His Own Leonard Bernstein Biopic


By the power of Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese, Cooper stays in the business of making musical-themed movies.

Heaven Knows What Arielle Holmes

9 Great Performances by First-Time Actors


“Cinema is a mirror of reality and it is a filter.”

The Age Of Innocence Article

Why ‘The Age of Innocence’ is Scorsese’s Subtlest Masterpiece


Despite being a bloodless, sexless period drama, ‘The Age of Innocence’ is nevertheless one of Martin Scorsese’s most brutally affecting films.