Martin Scorsese


Bringing Out the Dead

Finding the Living in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Bringing Out the Dead’


A personal story about trauma, healing, and staying up all night to find humanity with Martin Scorsese and Nicolas Cage in ‘Bringing Out The Dead.’

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

A Video Essay Guide to the 92nd Academy Awards


Before you watch the Oscars, watch these video essays to better understand some of this year’s nominees, and remember some great work that went unnominated.

Irishman Camera Rig

Pablo Helman on the Revelatory Performance Capture of ‘The Irishman’


We chat with the Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor about the new process in which he replicated human performances digitally.

Once Upon A Time Leo And Brad

The Endurance of the Bromance in 2019


As 2020 begins, we reflect on the portrayal of masculinity at the end of the decade.

Filmmaker Marty

Filmmaker of the Year (2019): Martin Scorsese


This year, we celebrate a perennial favorite.

Scorsese Header Shutterstock

Martin Scorsese Had The Hottest Take of 2019


What can be learned about fan reaction from the famed director dunking on Marvel?

Martin Scorsese Movies

The Movies Directed By Martin Scorsese, Ranked


We rank the films of one of American cinema’s finest directors.

Watch After The Irishman

Watch ‘The Irishman,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 15 movies to watch after you see Martin Scorsese’s latest gangster movie.

Scorsese Header Shutterstock

25 Beautiful Shots from the Films of Martin Scorsese


The director has been making great movies for over 50 years, and these shots are a key element of what makes them so brilliant.