Mark Wahlberg

An inanimate object holding a sword in Infinite

‘Infinite’ Ends Soon Enough, Thankfully


A hodgepodge of ideas better executed elsewhere and dragged down by an uninterested lead actor.

Spenser Confidential

‘Spenser Confidential’ Is Playful, Forgettable Fun


Who doesn’t like seeing a frustrated Mark Wahlberg?

Instant Fam

‘Instant Family’ Review: Foster Parenting, Warts and All


The true-story based movie, starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, is better at honesty than comedy

Mark Wahlberg The Gambler

Mark Walhberg Will Also Tackle the Story of the McDonald’s Monopoly Game Scam


Wahlberg’s version will be a documentary series.

Pain And Gain

Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’ is More Essential Than Ever


As it turns five, we look back at the smarter, more self-aware Michael Bay film that history may ultimately view as an essential look at today’s America.

Mark Wahlberg - All the Money

Is Mark Wahlberg Worth All the Money?


After an outcry, Wahlberg will donate his salary for All the Money in the World. He wasn’t worth it in the first place. 

All The Money In The World

Michelle Williams Is The Latest Victim of Hollywood’s Wage Gap


For her reshoots on ‘All The Money in the World,’ Michelle Williams’ earnings paled in comparison to that of Mark Wahlberg.