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The Kingdom Exodus

‘The Kingdom: Exodus’ Is A Welcome Return For One Of Lars von Trier’s Strangest Creations


Swedes, watch at your own risk.

Tim Heidecker Fear Of Death

Tim Heidecker’s ‘Fear of Death,’ Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia,’ and the Comfort in Facing the End


There’s an unlikely link between the controversial Danish filmmaker and the absurdist comedian: how they approach human mortality.

The Idiots Dogme 95

What is Dogme 95, Anyway?


Of all of the cinematic manifestos, Dogme 95 is perhaps the most infamous. Here’s a look at the origin and rules of the “Vows of Chastity.”

Decade Directors

Which Director Had The Best Decade?


16 directors, from provocateurs to experimentalists to horror masters to Paul Thomas Anderson.

Jack Header

Double Take: ‘The House That Jack Built’

By    and   

‘The House That Jack Built’ is a divisive parade of depraved obscenities, and according to the Double Take duo: it rules. Here’s why.

House That Jack Built

‘The House That Jack Built’ Review: Lars von Trier’s Construction of Violent Delights


Lars von Trier is doing his Lars von Trier shtick again.


A Beginner’s Guide to Dogme 95


Bold invention or direct to video junk? We offer a guide to one of Denmark’s biggest film exports.

The House That Jack Built Gun

‘The House That Jack Built’ Trailer Tortures Its Audience


Matt Dillon is a tiger stalking lambs in Lars Von Trier’s latest descent into madness.

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Little Museum of Horrors: The Artistic References of Lars Von Trier