Kurt Russell


26 Things We Learned from Kurt Russell’s ‘Breakdown’ Commentary


“There goes the sequel.”

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Netflix

‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ Brings Cheer by Any Means Necessary


The sequel continues its presentation of a gruff, badass Santa Claus in the form of Kurt Russell, and we require his forceful feeding of good cheer more this holiday than ever.

Tv Search For The Gods

‘Search for the Gods’ Taps Into the UFO-Mania of the ’70s


Stephen McHattie and Kurt Russell are out to learn the truth about the universe in this TV movie from 1975.

Escape From New York

The Snake Plissken Sequels We’ll Never Get to See


At one point, Snake Plissken was supposed to ‘Escape From Earth.’

The Christmas Chronicles

Watch ‘The Christmas Chronicles,’ Then Watch These Movies


12 movies to watch after you see the new Netflix family film with Kurt Russell as hot Santa.

Christmas Chronicles

Santa Knows Kids Aren’t Stupid in ‘The Christmas Chronicles’


Don’t rat on Santa to the Missus and avoid the Naughty List.

Jack Burton

The Rock Is Not Kurt Russell in the ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Reboot


Jack Burton could appear in the sequel to the John Carpenter cult classic.

Kurt Russell Header

37 Kurt Russell Movies You Can Stream Right Now To Help You Through Your Day


Everybody relax, Kurt Russell’s here.

The Thing

The 36 Things We Learned from John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ Commentary


Commentaries don’t get much better than this, folks.