Kate McKinnon

Yesterday Movie

‘Yesterday’ Confirms Our Suspicions: The World Is Worse Without The Beatles


You’ll likely never walk away from such a dull movie with a such a big smile on your face. Such is the magic of The Beatles.

Yesterday Danny Boyle Richard Curtis Himesh Patel

The ‘Yesterday’ Trailer is a Roaring Delight


Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ jukebox musical brainchild could deliver prime feel-good vibes without scrimping on some pertinent moral questions.

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Kate McKinnon Gets Serious For Charlize Theron’s Fox News Movie


This particular Roger Ailes-based project can count on some excellent character actresses to bring its vital narrative to life.

Ed Sheeran In Game Of Thrones

Danny Boyle’s Next Movie Stars Ed Sheeran as Himself


Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ musical comedy is finally starting to take form with some curious casting and plot details.

Kate Mckinnon Ghostbusters

Kate McKinnon Eyes A Musical Comedy From Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis


The Saturday Night Live actor might be strapping on her tap shoes for the Trainspotting director.