Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park T Rex Roar

How They Designed The T-Rex Roar in ‘Jurassic Park’


One of the rare sound effects as iconic as its accompanying visual effect.

Jurassic Park Cinematography and framing

‘Jurassic Park’ and the Narrative Power of Scale


Sometimes size does matter.

Westworld Season Screencap

The ‘Westworld’ Reading List


The HBO series stems from a laundry list of classical literature.

Jeff Goldblum

A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Expanse of Jeff Goldblum’s Chest


What is it about Jeff Goldblum that gets the people going? His bare chest in Jurassic Park, for one.

King Of The Monsters

Watch ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters,’ Then Watch These Movies


The latest MonsterVerse sequel is a treasure chest of references to old school Godzilla movies.

Ford Br

How The Legacy Film Gives New Life to Franchise Cinema


Dan Golding explores a recent trend in which older blockbusters are passed on to a new generation.

Tim Robbins War Of The Worlds

‘War of the Worlds’ and Spielberg’s Mastery of Tension


A breakdown of one of Spielberg’s most exhilarating sequences, and why it deserves to be considered one of his best.


Who Dies in ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’ Movies?


The good, the bad, and the innocent. 

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The 18 Best Summer Blockbusters Ever


Polls don’t lie! Here are the 18 best summer blockbusters ever.