Jon Hamm

Fargo Season

A Fierce Performance Punches Up ‘Fargo’ Season 5


Five seasons in, one gets the sense that Noah Hawley’s Fargo is in danger of repeating itself.

Jon Hamm in Confess Fletch

‘Confess, Fletch’ Delivers a Fun, Airy Mystery That Effortlessly Entertains


A great cast and sharp writing ensures there’s no mystery as to why this is so entertaining.

Mad Men ending first and Final Shots

The Ending of ‘Mad Men’ Explained


We look back at the ending of the iconic TV series and consider two ways of looking at Don Draper’s final epiphany.

Noah Hawley

‘Lucy in the Sky’ Director Noah Hawley on Life in Space and His Directorial Debut


The acclaimed creator of the TV series ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’ talks to us all about astronauts, challenging audiences, and what inspires him. 

The Report

‘The Report’ Review: A Sharp Political Thriller That Sticks to the Facts [Sundance]


Imagine a prescient political thriller not just made for liberals—one that wants to be understood and taken seriously by all parties, like a politically sober ‘The Post.’

Enter Beirut Movie Review Ny

Jon Hamm on ‘Beirut,’ Fake News, and Living in a Post-Don Draper World


“Everyone is fake newsing themselves into their own weird little rabbit hole.”

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Jon Hamm Joins True Astronaut Love Triangle Movie ‘Pale Blue Dot’


Noah Hawley’s feature directorial debut looks to splinter the psyches of love-torn astronauts.