Japanese cinema

Branded To Kill Butterflies

My Dream is to Die: Why You Should Watch ‘Branded to Kill’


“A killer mustn’t be human. He must be tough and cool.”

Japanese Horror Movies

10 Best Japanese Horror Movies From the Terrifying to the Weird


From the country that put giant monsters and bendy ghost girls on the map, we recommend these spooktacular treats.

Takashi Miike yakuza

Takashi Miike Discusses the Hard Slap of the Yakuza Film and Why We Need More of Them


We chat with the filmmaker about the state of the Yakuza film in the world and his desire to return a little shine to the genre.

The Great Buddha Arrival

A Long Lost Kaiju Film Gets A Wild Reboot


Released 20 years before ‘Godzilla,’ the original ‘Great Buddha Arrival’ is lost but now will no longer be forgotten.