Independent Cinema

Napoleon Dynamite

Forever Young: ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Turns 15


Jared Hess’s strange and lovable film remains just as funny 15 years later.

Thunder Road Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings Chats About His Indie Hit ‘Thunder Road’


Jim Cummings talks about hurricane diaspores, toxic masculinity, and the importance of crying at comedies.

Atom Egoyan Christopher Plummer Remember

Atom Egoyan Will (Obviously) Make Another Complicated Family Drama


But the director of classics like ‘Exotica’ and ‘The Sweet Hereafter’ needs to work hard to push past the detached and unsatisfying features that mar his recent career.

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Don Coscarelli Chats About His Upcoming Book “True Indie: Life and Death in Filmmaking”


We talk with the indie horror master about the evolution of filmmaking throughout his career and the challenges of cramming it all into a book.

Cameron Post

Still Miseducated: How Desiree Akhavan Transcends the Issue Film


The lack of theatrics in ‘Cameron Post’ feel less like a failure and more like its right.

Summer Of 84

RKSS Reclaims Their Misspent Youth in ‘Summer of 84’


We chat with the trilogy of filmmakers that comprise one of the most unique points of view in contemporary genre cinema.

John Cassavetes

How John Cassavetes Pioneered Independent Filmmaking


There’s a reason why people like Martin Scorsese frequently cite the writer-director as an influence.

Spirit Awards Hosts

The Independent Spirit Awards May Just Cure That Oscar Season Hangover


The Independent Spirit Awards are (still) the perfect award season antidote for those worn out by Oscar buzz.

Wild Honey

Austin Film Festival: The Birds and the Bees of ‘Wild Honey’


A non-traditional romantic comedy that deals with the realities of looking for romance.