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Reckless Friend Of The Devil

‘Reckless’ is a Mean Bastard Noir Waiting to Be Franchised


Reckless, the new graphic novel series from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, is aching for cinematic adaptation. We suggest how to get it done.


‘Prophet’ Will Put an Edgy Spin on the ‘Captain America’ Concept


Don’t expect the next Rob Liefeld adaptation to be family-friendly.

Prophet Empire

After Decades of Creative Evolution, ‘Prophet’ Should Be Our Next Comic Book Saga


Once upon a time, in those dark 1990s, the idea of a ‘Prophet’ film was absurd. Thankfully, times change.

Danger Girl

‘Danger Girl’ Finds Its Writer, But Where Is Its Audience?


The 1990s cheesecake comic book will need a serious overhaul to remain relevant.