Foreign Objects: Donkey Punch (UK)


Three stupid British girls vacationing in Spain hook up with four pricks and head out into the Mediterranean on a borrowed yacht. Will the premise deliver a strong blow to the back of the head or just leave you unsatisfied?

31 Days of Horror: Pet Semetary


The Creed family has moved to Maine in search of a happy and quiet new life. Unfortunately, they’ll find only anguish, suffering, death, and the supernatural instead.

31 Days of Horror: Dead Alive


The Return of the King may have one the Oscar for Best Picture, but Dead Alive might just be Peter Jackson’s best film.

31 Days of Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street


Return to the original nightmare to remind yourself of a time when Freddy was actually frightening.

Review: In Regards to Your Movie, ‘Saw V’


You were right, makers of Saw V, I didn’t believe how it ended. Or most of the rest of it. Or that any of you are literate.

31 Days of Horror: Seven


A rain drenched city of sin sets the stage for a serial killer with a message and the two cops tasked with stopping him.

31 Days of Horror: Cemetery Man


Love usually gets in the way of constantly killing zombies brought back to life by the cemetery you own. At least, it does in our world.

31 Days of Horror: Clive Barker’s Nightbreed


Aaron Boone is a troubled young man who may or may not be responsible for a series of brutal murders…

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The Ten Creepiest Masked Killers in Cinema History


You’ve seen them hunting young co-eds from the shadows or busting down bedroom doors to slash teens in the midst of sin and now we’ve ranked them. Check out the ten creepiest masked killers of all time.