Apocalypse Horror Movies

10 Best Slices of Apocalyptic Horror (That Don’t Involve Zombies)


With the apocalypse right around the corner, these ten movies will both entertain and educate you.

Dont Look Now Horror Streaming In October

All the Horror You Need to Stream in October 2020


This month, we recommend horror classics by Corman, Roeg, and Barker along with the latest from Mike Flanagan.

The Promise Thai Horror

The Weird and Wonderful World of Thai Horror


Here’s an impassioned plea for why you should shake things up and check out the wonderful and terrifying world of Thai horror films.

Doppelganger Horror Collage

10 Best Doppelgänger Horror Movies


Some of the scariest films involve doppelgängers. These ten offer a mirror to the tragic failure of humanity. Don’t look away.

Best Australian Horror Movies

10 Best Australian Horror Movies


Jumpier than a kangaroo and scarier than a spider encounter, these are the ten best horror films to hail from down under. 

Kelly Marie Tran in Monsterland

‘Monsterland’ Covers a Vast and Desolate Landscape of Horrors


The anthology series does not create fear with gore or jump scares; instead, ‘Monsterland’ delivers it through existential panic.

Dario Argento giallo Tenebrae

Dario Argento: The King of Giallo


Dario Argento didn’t create the giallo subgenre, but his macabre style made it famous.

The Bay

‘The Bay’ and the Horror of Inaction During a Public Health Crisis


Anyone else feel itchy?

horror-westerns history Pale Door

A Brief History of Horror-Westerns


Horror and Westerns are two distinct genres, but they’ve proven to be strong companions throughout the years.