Haunted House Movies

10 Spookiest Old Dark Houses We Would Spend A Night Inside


Our latest 31 Days of Horror Lists kicks down the door of cinema’s best old dark houses.

Historical Horror

10 Best Period-Piece Horror Movies


Historical, not like ‘Carrie.’

Pet Sematary Indian Burial Ground

Digging Up the Indian Burial Ground Trope


“An ancient Indian WHAT?” – Homer SImpson

Bug Horror

10 Creepiest, Yuckiest, Ickiest Bug Horror Movies


Ants, roaches, and more make our list of the best bug horror movies.

Horror Lists Food

10 Grossest Food Scenes in Horror


Feeling peckish? We’ve rounded up the top ten most revolting food moments in horror to whet your appetite.

Final Horror Movie List

10 Best Final Horror Movies by Great Directors


Let’s celebrate some of the horror filmmakers who went out with a bloody bang.

Horror Lists Eyeball

10 Most Eye Poppin’ Moments of Eyeball Horror


From gouging and scooping to plucking and popping, these scenes have always been about making your whole body cringe.

Horror Remakes

10 Best Horror Movie Remakes (and We Do Mean Remakes)


Remakes frequently upset people, but that’s silly because remakes can be great.

The Old Dark House

The Unconventional Haunts in ‘The Old Dark House’


No ghosts or spirits inhabit the haunted house in this once lost Universal horror film. What is still alive is much scarier.