Scanners Exploding Head

How They Shot the Head Explosion Scene in ‘Scanners’


“If ever you want to blow up a head, I advise using kosher salt. But don’t do this at home.” – special effects artist Gary Zeller.

In The Mouth Of Madness Ending Explained

The Ending of John Carpenter’s ‘In The Mouth of Madness’ Explained


Look, when you inadvertently play a part in freeing a Lovecraftian nightmare…you have to laugh!

Return To Oz Balk

‘Return to Oz’ is Nightmare Fuel, But That’s Kind of the Point


Disney’s sequel to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ traumatized a lot of children. But that’s exactly what makes it such a remarkable adaptation.

Psycho Goreman

‘Psycho Goreman’ is Funny, Bloody, and the Heckin’ Best


Love her or hate her, there’s no forgetting badass Mimi.

Silent Night Deadly Night franchise

The ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ Franchise Brings Blood to the Yuletide Season


No horror franchise cuts into Christmastime quite like the ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ films.

Best Horror Movies

The 20 Best Horror Movies of 2020


Has 2020 been a horror show? Of course. Are great horror movies still worth watching anyway? Absolutely. Are these the 20 best of the year? Duh.

Host Fsr header

2020 Was the Year of Found Footage and Creative DIY Filmmaking


Even a pandemic can’t stop horror filmmakers from tapping into the found footage genre to create terror in the digital world.

Parasite Basement

What Lies Beneath: The Metaphorical Power of the Basement


If I were a character in a movie I simply would not go into the basement.

Horror Streaming In December

All the Horror You Need to Stream in December 2020


Shudder is adding a bunch of new giallo films this month so I guess you can say we’re in for a holly gialli Christmas!