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Sherlock Gnomes Movie

Who Asked For This? A Brief History of Hollywood’s Forgotten Sequels


‘Sherlock Gnomes’ isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last.

The Snake Pit

‘The Snake Pit’ 70 Years Later: Cinema’s Relationship To Mental Institutions


The Olivia de Havilland classic was an indictment of how patients were treated in mental institutions and it inspired changes in real hospital policies.

Katharine Hepburn Bringing Up Baby

How Katharine Hepburn Orchestrated Her Hollywood Comeback On Her Own Terms


Once dubbed “the most maligned woman in Hollywood,” Hepburn fought a frustratingly familiar uphill battle against her own industry.


Kundun: Scorsese’s Buried Masterpiece


Twenty years ago, Martin Scorsese’s Kundun, a biopic of the Dalai Lama, was released and then swiftly buried. We dig it up.

Rescue Dawn Christian Bale

7 Vietnam War Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen, But Should


Including a Vietnamese movie that was filmed during the War, a Werner Herzog drama and a horror about a vampire-zombie veteran.

Tom Jones Criterion

Best Picture Winners Aren’t Timeless, and ‘Tom Jones’ Proves It


A case study of how Best Picture winners age.

Blaxploitation Truck Turner

20 Blaxploitation Films to Close Out Black History Month


Now, deal ’em up straight – or don’t deal ’em at all.

Wesley Snipes Blade Ii

Wesley Snipes and the ‘Black Panther’ That Might Have Been


Wesley Snipes was in script development on Black Panther in 1992. Sometimes things fall apart, but oh my, what could have been!

Screen Shot At

An Art Historian’s Guide to ‘The Square’


There’s more to ‘The Square’ than mere scathing entertainment. It’s also educational.