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Chronicle Of A Summer Landry Angelo

The Birth and Legacy of Cinema Verité


How a French meta-movie from the ’60s challenged a basic convention of filmmaking, changing cinema and TV forever.

Creature From Black Lagoon

Shot By Shot: Meeting Gill-man in ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’


Let’s look at ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon,’ an under-appreciated, beautiful film.

Kathleen Kennedy Header

22 Great Movies That Wouldn’t Have Been The Same Without Kathleen Kennedy


She may not seek public accolades for helping make so many of our favorite movies, but she damn well deserves them.

Being John Malkovich Doorway

Better Late Than Never: 19 Must-See Movies from 1999


From 19 movie lovers to another, here are some of our favorites from 1999.

The Lodger Film

From Hell, with Love: A Cinematic History of Jack the Ripper


Part man, part myth: Jack the Ripper has stalked his way through the annals of cinema.

Tab Hunter Anthony Perkins

Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins’s Love Story Will Light Up the Big Screen


J. J. Abrams and Zachary Quinto will make a hidden romance between two erstwhile Hollywood icons come alive.

Dunkirk Sea

Fetishizing Celluloid is Bad for Film Preservation


The film versus digital debate desperately needs to change.

Ghostbusters Czechoslovakian movie posters

A Brief History of Strange Czechoslovakian Movie Posters


How Czechoslovakia created some of the most interesting film art.

Michelle Williams - The Greatest Showman Screenshot

‘This Is Jane’ to Shed Light on the Fight for Reproductive Rights


Michelle Williams is set to star in and produce the timely biopic.