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Obvious Child Breakup

Movies to Watch at Any Stage of a Breakup


Cry, laugh, and find new love all with these movies after even the nastiest of breakups.


‘The Coolest Guy Movie Ever’ Is Not Very Cool


The Great Escape deserves better than this.

The Meg

The Real Story Behind ‘The Meg’


The Jason Statham giant shark movie promises ridiculous fun, but like all good science fiction, it was inspired by the real world.

Slender Man Movie

The Real Story Behind ‘Slender Man’


How a spooky internet meme became a chilling cultural phenomenon.

Back To The Future Doc And Marty

The 25 Best Time Travel Movies Ever


In no particular order, these are the best time travel movies of all-time.

Update The Lists Ensemble Films

The 25 Best Ensemble Movies Ever


Cinema’s starriest in film history’s greatest.

Busby Berkeley

A Beginner’s Guide to Busby Berkeley


His set-pieces are legend, his showgirls are legion: here’s your crash course in the master of Hollywood escapism.

New German Cinema The American Friend

A Beginner’s Guide to New German Cinema


Darby Delaney presents an overview of one of film’s most riveting movements.

In A Lonely Place Bogart Grahame

Love and Murder ‘In a Lonely Place’


How Nicholas Ray’s 1950 film blends the two to elevate film noir.