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The Horrific True Story That Inspired ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2


The series will investigate a spate of child murders that took place between 1979 and 1981.


The Real Story Behind ‘Annabelle’


Before she inspired a hit horror franchise, Annabelle was just another Raggedy Ann doll possessed by a dead girl.

Deadwood Series Finale

The Real Story Behind ‘Deadwood’


Learn all about the real people and events that inspired the acclaimed HBO series.

When They See Us

The Real Story Behind ‘When They See Us’


Ava DuVernay’s upcoming Netflix series will explore the notorious real-life case that saw a group of teenagers convicted for a crime they didn’t commit.

Oscars Art

The 2019 Oscars Drama Is A Little Bit of History Repeating


The dramatic Oscar season of 1953 is repeating itself.

HH Holmes

The Horrific Events That Inspired Martin Scorsese’s Upcoming Serial Killer Show


‘The Devil In the White City’ will tell the story of the notorious H.H. Holmes and his Murder Castle.


The Real Story Behind Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’


The cat-and-mouse chase. The iconic diner scene. The epic shootout. These things actually happened.

John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan on the Artistry of ‘Stan & Ollie’


‘Stan & Ollie’ Star John C. Reilly on the one time Steve Martin changed his life, and Steve Coogan on the day Elvis ate all his bacon. 

Jingle All The Way

The Wild True Story Behind the Cabbage Patch Kids Riots


Laura Dern and Issa Rae will star in a new HBO series about this real-life version of ‘Jingle All the Way.’