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90 Great Movies and Shows to Stream on HBO Max


If you are new to HBO Max, we have a massive, in-depth list of movie and TV show recommendations to suit just about any mood.

Melissa McCarthy in Superintelligence

The Tradition of McCarthy/Falcone Misfires Continues in ‘Superintelligence’


Think ‘WarGames’ meets ‘Electric Dreams’ but not nearly as good as either one.

Children in Raised By Wolves

‘Raised By Wolves’ Paints a Grand Tale Across a Small Canvas


Alien creatures, milky androids, and big questions abound in a sci-fi epic about how humanity is inevitably doomed.

Gone With The Wind Vivien Hattie

‘Gone With the Wind’ and the Difference Between Censorship and Context


Watch the introduction that now precedes ‘Gone With the Wind’ on HBO Max denouncing the film’s portrayal of slavery and situating the film in the context in which it was created.


‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ Lets One of Its Finest Characters Shine


The structure of the episode is obvious at times, but BMO remains uniquely delightful.

Search Party Alia Shawkat

‘Search Party’ Season 3 Is a Little Less Intense, But Still Excruciatingly Funny


After two and a half years the show returns with the trial of the century.

Justice League Dark

Bad Robot is Bringing ‘Justice League Dark’ To HBO Max


Bad Robot and HBO Max look to reinvent multiple franchises and guarantee our viewership.

Elmo Show

HBO Max Will Launch in May


The ‘Looney Tunes’ and more will appear on the streaming service.

Strange Adventures

‘Strange Adventures’ Will Explore a New Side of the DC Universe


HBO Max’s upcoming series is an anthology show that will chronicle the adventures of numerous DC characters.