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Viggo Mortensen Green Book

‘Green Book’ Had the Best Post-Oscars Box Office Bump in 10 Years


The Academy Award winner for Best Picture booked more theaters and collected a lot more green following its success at the Oscars.

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More People Watch the Oscars Than Go to Most Movies


Looking at the box office success of this year’s Academy Award winners, ABC is lucky to have as high viewership for the telecast as they do.

Oscars Voting

Rethinking The Oscars Voting Process


The outrage surrounding the Academy’s consistently poor decision-making isn’t for nothing. The whole voting process is fueled by thoughtlessness.

Bohemian Rhapsody X

The Golden Globes Were Pretty Weird This Year


The good and the bad of the show that heavily honored ‘Green Book’ but also Alfonso CuarĂ³n.

Vice Trailer

The 2019 Golden Globes Nominees


This year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association welcomes superheroes but neglects women directors.

Green Book Mahershala And Viggo

‘Green Book’ Review: A Charming But Safe Crowd Pleaser


Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen shine in Peter Farrelly’s first foray into drama.