gone girl

Panic Room Monitors

How David Fincher Brings Terror Home


Oh, you think a home should be a place of comfort? That’s cute, but Fincher has other ideas.

Barbara Stanwyck In Double Indemnity

The Seductive Power of the Femme Fatale


This trope offers a complex portrait of irresistible female villainy.

Gillian Flynn’s Dark America


Deadly obsessions take charge in adaptations of ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Sharp Objects.’

Gone Girl Notting Hill

How ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Notting Hill’ Tell the Same Story


The similarities between the two films reveal the potential terror lurking beneath an idyllic romance.


Rosamund Pike Discusses ‘Beirut,’ Working with Jon Hamm, and Life After ‘Gone Girl’


We chat with the Oscar-nominated actress about her latest thriller and why David Fincher was the “blessing” of her life.

Best Year In Film

The Best Year in Movies Was 2014


A year of gone girls and genre films, plus we survived The Interview.