George A. Romero

George A Romero The Living Dead

‘The Living Dead’ Completes the Full George A. Romero Experience


We chat with Daniel Kraus about his collaboration (posthumously) with George A. Romero, and how ‘The Living Dead’ contains every element you expect from the director’s films.

Creepshow Cover Art

Greg Nicotero on Screaming the Gospel of George A. Romero in ‘Creepshow’


We talk to the showrunner about giving back to the community that raised him, and the creative father who made him the man he is today.

Us Jordan Peele

What Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Captures About Inequality


Jordan Peele’s new nightmare shows us that horror’s potential empathy is often under-appreciated.

Get Out Daniel Kaluuya

Why Horror Matters


Horror has faced aspersions time after time. In being on the fringe of pop culture, the genre has had the space to do bold things. To be transgressive. To leave an indelible mark on the medium of film.

George A Romero

The 50 Unearthed George Romero Scripts: Our Predictions


Suzanne Desrocher-Romero found dozens of unproduced screenplays by her late husband, here’s what we think the treasure trove holds.

Best Year In Movies

The Best Year in Movies was 1968


Zombies, space sagas and age ratings: fifty years ago, cinema was changed forever.

Sophie Skelton Day Of The Dead

Sophie Skelton Argues for Fast and Slow Zombies in ‘Day of the Dead: Bloodline’


The ‘Outlander’ star is thrilled, and a little curious, to enter into a new arena of fandom.

Day Of The Dead Jonathan Schaech

Johnathon Schaech Talks the Thrills of Zombie Flesh Eating in ‘Day of the Dead: Bloodline’


Jonathan Schaech hopes that this second Day of the Dead remake will celebrate the genius and the gore of George A. Romero.

George Romero filmmaking

9 Filmmaking Tips from George A. Romero


We honor the late horror icon with a celebration of the lessons he left behind.